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Madison Band Supply's Instrument Rental Prices and Agreement:

(All prices include insurance)

Flute, and Bell kits: $43.99
Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone: $43.99/Mo

Alto Saxophone, Trigger Trombone $74.99
Baritone and French double horn
: $79.99/Mo

Rental Agreement:

  • Those renting an instrument are required to pay the first two months of rent upfront. This is non-refundable. Your first automated payment will be taken out 60 days after your rental agreement is finalized.
  • You can return the instrument at any time.
  • If you wish to purchase the instrument outright after renting with us, up to 6 months of rental payments will be deducted from the sale price of the instrument.
  • After renting for 36 months, your rental agreement will be automatically terminated, and you will own the instrument.
By clicking the link below, you are hereby agreeing to the terms stated above:

Rental Application

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